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Conventional Plan

This is our flagship diet meal plan, serving delicious gourmet-style flare in healthy, calorie-controlled portions for maximum health benefits. Lean proteins for muscle, complex carbohydrates for energy, and fibrous vegetables for your metabolism. At Eat Right you can always be assured that your meals are never frozen. Never canned. Just beautifully prepared to satisfy your hunger and your taste buds with less than 600 calories.


A fresh new menu every week featuring hundreds of recipes.


Our Conventional meals:

  • Contain less than 600 calories

  • Never frozen or canned

  • Without artificial additives, preservatives, or added sugar

  • Well balanced, with lean proteins for muscle, complex carbohydrates for energy, and fibrous vegetables for metabolism

  • Low in sodium, cholesterol, and saturated fat

  • Tasty and satisfying

  • Designed for healthy weight loss

Each Conventional meal item includes calorie and macro information for you to calculate your dietary intake and manage your exercise regiment.




Conventional Menu


Monday   6 / 17   Meal Choices


1. Smokey Beef Enchilada Bowl (Signature)

Slow cooked ground beef served with brown rice, fresh diced tomatoes, served with a side of our smokey lime sour cream sauce and garnished with a lime wedge and cilantro


2. BBQ Chicken

Our creamy red potato mash served with oven roasted mustard brussel sprouts and juicy tender chicken served with a side of bbq sauce


3. Coconut Lime Steak

Low glycemic basmati rice served with steamed broccoli and steak marinated in lime juice and coconut oil garnished with a lime wedge and served with a garlic roasted aioli


4. Flounder Picatta

Angel hair pasta served with steamed green beans, oven roasted flounder, garnished with capers and served with a lemon white wine butter sauce

Thursday   6 / 20   Meal Choices


1. Steak Chimmichuri (Signature)

Our creamy red potato mash served with steamed green beans, our juicy tender steak, garnished with crushed red pepper and a side of our chimmichuri sauce


2. Chicken Marsala

Penne Pasta topped with a marsala wine sauce served with oven roasted mushrooms and a juicy tender chicken breast, garnished with basil


3. Greek Baked Cod

Lemon basmati rice served with a vegetable medley of oven roasted zucchini, oven roasted red onions, and grape tomatoes, seared greek spiced cod, topped with feta cheese


4. Turkey Lasagna Stuffed Peppers

Bell peppers stuffed with rigatoni pasta, ground turkey, ricotta cheese, marinara, and topped with mozzarella cheese and basil


Orders placed by Friday at 1pm will be delivered that upcoming Monday.

Orders placed by Monday at 1pm will be delivered that upcoming Thursday.


Please note your orders with any food allergies or dislikes.



Antibiotic-free Poultry

We use only fresh and free-range poultry that has been certified to be free of any antibiotics for a truly gourmet taste.

Grass Fed Beef

We seek out only the finest gourmet ingredients, including premium cuts of grass-fed beef. No other plan has such exacting quality standards.

Wild Seafood

All of our seafood is sustainably caught in the wild by real fishermen, and is never farmed or treated with chemicals or preservatives.

Fresh Ingredients

All of our ingredients are sourced with exacting standards so that we can ensure farm-to-table freshness that is never frozen or canned.

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